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Hydro-electric Piston Type Pressure Switches


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  • Component series 2X
  • Maximum operating pressure 630bar
  • Pressure ratings 50, 100, 200, 350 and 630 bar
  • UL recognized component, CCC-certified

    The hydro-electric pressure switch type HED 8 is a piston type pressure switch. It basically comprises of housing (1), installation kit with piston (2), compression spring (3), adjustment element (4) and micro switch (5).

    If the pressure to be monitored is below the set value, the micro switch (5) is operated. The pressure to be monitored is applied via the nozzle (7) at the piston (2). The piston (2) is supported by the spring plate (6) and acts against the continuously adjustable force of the compression spring (3). The spring plate (6) transmits the movement of the piston (2) onto the micro switch (5) and releases the latter when the set pressure is reached. This switches the electric circuit on or off, depending on the circuit set-up. The mechanical positive stop of the spring plate (6) protects the micro switch (5) in case of a sudden pressure drop from mechanical destruction and, in case of overpressure, prevents solid compression of the compression spring (3).


    In order to increase the life cycle, the pressure switch should be mounted with low vibrations and protected from hydraulic pressure surges

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