Z2FS 6-2-4X/2QV

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CETOP 3, Dual Flow Control Valve





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  • Size 6
  • Component series 4X
  • Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
  • Maximum flow 80 l/min
  • The valve type Z2FS is a twin throttle check valve in sandwich plate design. It is used for the main or pilot flow limitation of one or two actuator ports.Two throttle check valves aligned symmetrically to each other limit flows in one direction and allow free return flow in the opposite direction.In case of supply throttling, the hydraulic fluid is directed through channel A➀ via throttling point (1) formed by the valve seat (2) and the throttle spool (3) to actuator A➁. The throttle spool (3) can be axially adjusted via the setscrew (4) for adjustment of the throttling point (1).

    The hydraulic fluid return flow from actuator A➁ displaces the valve seat (2) against the spring (5) in the direction of the throttle spool (3) and enables the unobstructed flow as check valve. Depending on the installation position, the throttling effect may occur in supply or discharge.

    Main flow limitation (Version “2Q”)

    For actuator velocity adjustment (main flow limitation), the twin throttle check valve is installed between the directional valve and the subplate.

    Pilot flow limitation (Version “1Q”)

    With pilot-operated directional valves, the twin throttle check valve can be applied for switching time adjustment (pilot flow limitation). In this case, it is installed between the pilot control valve and the main valve.

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